Ding Fei Equipped with police aviation equipment to attend the 2017 wuhan anbo meeting

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【China security exhibition network exhibition】 

Fireworks in March, hand in hand jiang, on March 15, 2017, wuhan public security products and police equipment exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the "2017 wuhan ember will") in hubei province, wuhan international convention &exhibition center grand opening. From all over the country's public security system, security engineering, system integrators, security agencies, finance, electricity, transportation, telecommunications, security, prisons, copolymerization river campus, property management and agency unit. Guangzhou ding flight aviation technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "ding flight aviation") to be invited to attend, together with many police equipment will lit wuhan ember, rich exhibits to attract exhibitors audience stop to watch.
With the development of technology, the development of uav is becoming a hot spot, and the market of the uav is beginning to be launched in various fields. Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) with low cost, easy to manipulate and highly flexible and stable, able to complete the air monitoring, daily patrol, search tracking task, get the favour of the police department, local police drones teams sprang up. In the course of nearly two decades of development, China's police aviation has achieved a leap from nothing to disorder to order.
With the improvement of national economic strength and the needs of modern social security, counter-terrorism, rescue and other tasks, the status of police aviation is becoming more and more prominent. As a main police aviation products company, the tripod with two handles fly air was registered in guangzhou industrial and commercial bureau at the end of 2014, the company has been pursuing "the good faith strives for realism, dedicated service, and only for satisfaction" of the enterprise purpose, to follow the customer requirements, continuous product innovation and service improvement. We always insist on providing the best products and perfect after-sales service to our customers. Through unremitting efforts, ding flies to the straight line, through high-quality police aviation products, gradually gain the recognition of industry insiders.
The invitation to participate in the exhibition, tripod aviation is also confident, dressed up to attend. Numerous police products have appeared, attracting eyeballs. Among them, the df-l600 industrial class six-rotor uav, df-p400 police reptile, df-c400 police unmanned ship, df-w100 police underwater robot are especially eye-catching. The industrial-grade uav launched by tripod is capable of air duty, security monitoring and response; The uav reconnaissance command car is in emergency command, comprehensive combat, speed analysis of the sample; The uav cluster command and law enforcement platform can conduct flight control, cluster command and intelligent report. This exhibit is rich in exhibits, with outstanding advantages and an opportunity to give viewers more direct experience. The audience that came to consult was also in constant stream, for ding fei aviation's product display also expressed great interest.
As a "young" enterprise in the field of security, ding flight aviation in recent years, grasp the market opportunity, deep tillage technology, innovation and development, gradually open the market in the field of industrial drones, for "place", the company has always been revered "steadfast, perseverance, responsibility," the enterprise spirit of the benefits of the. No doubt, the company adhere to honesty, win-win, create a business philosophy, to create a good environment of enterprise, with new management mode, perfect technology, and thoughtful service, excellent quality for survival is the right thing to do. In the future, tripod will continue to serve customers with the utmost care and insist on using its services to impress customers and build its own brand.

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