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On April 13-15, chengdu international exhibition center for the international disaster prevention and reduction and fire prevention products was held at the chengdu century city new international exhibition center. As a collection of independent research and development, production, sales, training and service in the integration of modern high-tech enterprises, guangzhou ding flight aviation technology co., LTD., with new series products once appear, the exhibition has attracted an audience.

Ding fei aviation exhibition platform solid view

On April 13, with "to strengthen the construction of urban resilience and enhance the emergency ability" as the theme of China chengdu international disaster prevention and mitigation and fire control products technology in chengdu century city new international exhibition center grand opening. Guangzhou tripod aviation technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "ding fei airlines"), as a leading provider of uav products and solutions, also participated in the exhibition. During the exhibition, the company carried out a series of new products such as police unmanned vessels, police underwater robots and police reptile robots.

Police ship

The data shows that the df-c400 unmanned ship is the latest underwater dynamic propulsion technology, composite material technology, autonomous navigation technology and an integrated water multi-function robot. In the field of public safety, DF - C400 unmanned ship capable of carrying a variety of police equipment and life saving device, the water on a wide range of patrol, search and rescue, auxiliary functions such as divers assignment is a small and intelligent water police equipment.

The police reptile robot

At the exhibition site, the police reptile robot with its gorgeous appearance also attracted the audience to linger. Learned, DF - P400 is a product based on industrial computer system design, by the spider, lens, cable tray and the main controller of four parts, can be 360 ° rotation video and take photos, the scene can be generated in accordance with industry standard test report. In addition, the main controller supports the wireless wifi connection winding wire, which shows that the controller can be separated from the robot for tens of meters, which is specially adapted to the complex detection environment.
In recent years, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) with low cost, easy to manipulate and highly flexible and stable, has become an important tool for the government law enforcement, especially in the police department, police drones can assist with air monitoring, daily patrol, search tracking task, got the favour especially. With the development of the era, the airline will focus on the police uav market. Companies together the industry elite team with the strongest research and development, independent research and development for many years major, course length, high strength and light weight of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) products, has reached the world leading level, in the military, public security, fire protection, forestry, Marine and surveying and mapping, traffic, and other fields have been widely used.

The booth of ding fei aviation

According to relevant statistics show that by the end of 2015, there were 25 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the public security organs, the 147 combat units, equipped with nearly 300 (set) police drones, and develop the police aviation, a police aviation fleet, police unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) has obvious advantages.
In order to preempt the uav industry, ding aviation speed up the layout. As of July 2016, ding flight aviation in the country has established more than 25 technical service center, has an operation for more than ten years in the field of public safety technical services team, with the rapid demand flexible customization capabilities, continuous innovation, independent research and development ability, the response ability of service at any time, has won more and more customers trust and cooperation.
If a man wants to do good, he must first. When unexpected events occur, police drones, who flew to the scene to carry out the work quickly, and can be on the scene for high quality video acquisition and real-time audio collection, timely sent to the command center, for the rear of judgment and decision making. To achieve this goal, tripod has been working hard.
Since its inception, ding aviation has been a corporate mission with "technology leading the future, innovation-driven development". To the future, ding fly will be "unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) system in the domain of public safety solutions first brand" as the vision, remain committed to the development of intelligent technology in the world, to become the most competitive international enterprises around the world.

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