The products demand traction UAV the next outlet from the wing.

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In the vanguard of the wing, many manufacturers at home and abroad have brought their latest products and technology under. The so-called outsiders to watch, experts see road, in the exhibition products while dazzling, but in fact if concern over previous exhibitions, will find whether manufacturers or products worth mentioning, has been a change in the main line of logic and clear.

In the aerodynamic layout, due to long endurance and demand of vertical take-off and landing is more and more intense, so many drones have R & D team adopts a hybrid multi rotor aerodynamic layout + fixed wing by way of multi rotor VTOL, propeller using horizontal thrust and traditional fixed wing aerodynamic the layout provides lift, so as to use the most simple way to meet the demand of long endurance and vtol. Mixed layout technology came out a few years ago, it can be described as rapid progress, from the current point of view, many domestic manufacturers have mastered its key technologies, but also make the emergence of related products blowout type.

In the data link technology, can see is no long distance flight demand is very urgent, so the data chain related technology has also been enough attention, there are many companies in the exhibition site exhibited a high-definition image transmission and remote number under the transmission system, and the WiFi protocol is different from Fig. now, we have used the COFDM (orthogonal frequency division multiplexing) anti blocking ability scheme to realize video transmission over 30km 1080p, and many companies have delayed 300ms. On the other hand, small UAV demand, and the miniaturization of the electronic components and chip integration technology, let high-definition image transmission transmitter has many reduced to less than 100g products, in turn improves the UAV performance and competitiveness, expand new areas.

In the payload, with no increase in execution of tasks such as inspection, investigation machine, also increased on drone use cost and flexibility requirements, the performance of the pod and miniaturization also made more demands. This show is also a lot of the whole machine manufacturers and professional manufacturers in this piece of cloth heavily on display. More than 10 times optical zoom + infrared imaging of optical pod more and more mature, smaller and smaller volume, the smallest only 160g achieved the above features, let a person change the past double light pod silly big black impression. The original work in other areas of FILR, High German infrared and other manufacturers also join the fray, put forward their own plan, let the market competition upgrade products at the same time, iteration is also conducive to the progress of technology and products.

In the information industry and the 4 times, the UAV is a particularly prominent in the field, from the unknown to the public to people now spend time for having heard it many times, not long, it is because the new demand all kinds of people, promote technological progress, also let many new products to come out. In this market, the only time to listen to the needs of users, time is not technically relaxed, product iteration on the non-stop company can laugh at the end. And this year's vanguard wings gave people a good window to let everyone really experienced great changes in demand technology products to the field to bring.

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