Comprehensive application of police drones, the future market size is expected to reach billions

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       With the popularity of UAV applications, the development of police drones has continued to accelerate, and more and more UAVs have entered the police department, becoming a necessary tool for public security police activities.

The public security departments to safeguard the people's lives and property safety and social legal system and stability, the first is to respond to various cases and unexpected situations at a high speed and high efficiency. Whether it is deter crime, save lives, or in pursuit, reduce and restore the people's loss of time is the key. However, even in the modern communications network developed and developed traffic, geographical barriers and information barriers still restrict the efficiency of the police.

he widespread use of police drones provides important support for the police to improve their disposal efficiency, enrich the means of disposal and reduce the risk of disposal.

Compared with the traditional police helicopters or manpower, police drones have many advantages: low cost, easy to control, high flexibility, flexibility, ultra-low flying, reduce casualties. Police drones can according to the needs of high-definition digital camera, equipped with air dropping device, tweeter module, completing the investigation, delivery and other special items of different tasks in anti-terrorism and arrest criminals, drug investigation, traffic management, forest fire prevention, disaster relief, frontier fields inspection has great effect.

udging from the current market situation, although affected by the UAV regulatory measures tightening and other factors, but the UAV market, especially industrial UAVs market outlook remains impressive. According to EVTank forecast, in the next few years, UAVs will maintain steady growth trend, by 2020, the global UAV sales volume is expected to reach 4 million 330 thousand.

According to statistics, as of 2016, the vast majority of provinces, autonomous regions and autonomous regions equipped with more than 300 sets (sets) of police drones, involving nearly 60 types of models.

With the gradual breakthrough of the technical difficulties of police drones and the continuous improvement of related systems, the market size of police Drones will be further improved. The future, if China gradually standard police UAV, each police units are equipped with several police aircraft UAV, Chinese police UAV potential demand or can exceed 3000, and the police UAV hardware sales market scale is expected to reach billions.

In the long run, the future technical maturity of police Drones will drive down the cost of components and increase demand, and help promote further development of the UAV industry. At the same time, in the policy driven role, as well as the gradual improvement of the industrial chain, the police UAV market will continue to release huge growth space.

Police UAVs will not only promote the overall development of China's UAV industry from the economic level, but will also make use of its advantages and characteristics, and make a social contribution to optimize policing work and ensure people's safety.

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