Ding Fei Shu West Lake aviation police help Tim "air marshals" nursing service

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▲Establishment ceremony

      At 10:00 am on April 22, the west lake scenic spot of hangzhou municipal public security bureau was held in the west lake jinjin park to deepen the tourism linkage mechanism and the establishment ceremony of the tourism police brigade. Tripod aviation has been invited to carry the company's high-tech products - professional six-rotor uav df-l600 and police professional payload equipment to the field.

▲Opening ceremony

        Full-time provincial public security department of the party committee, vice secretary of China is strong, deputy director of provincial public security department, municipal committee, the public security bureau chief leaf ice, vice mayor MiaoChengChao, the municipal government deputy secretary-general Kong Chunhao, vice secretary of party committee, the west lake scenic area management committee, deputy director of the Sun Derong, party party committee of west lake scenic area, scenic area public security bureau director Yang hui to the scene, such as leaf ice city public security bureau chief for the tourism scenic area public security bureau police brigade licences.

▲DIing Fei Drones attract police attention

Flying uavs "go online" to boost the security of the west lake

In the ceremony of the establishment ceremony of the integrated tourism linkage mechanism of the west lake scenic area and the establishment ceremony of the tourism police brigade, the tripod flying air uav made a stunning appearance. The demonstration is the df-l600, a flying professional six-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle, the df-l600 uav, which is composed of the uav flight system, the cloud camera and the earth station. Ding fly unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) through air task on duty, will shoot hd video real-time transmission in the form of point to point back to ground station or command center, mastered for police in the west lake scenic area scenic area around the state, provide important help for decision-making reference.

▲Ding Fei  Wang's live commentary

        If a man wants to do good, he must first. When unexpected events occur, police drones, who flew to the scene to carry out the work quickly, and can be on the scene for high quality video acquisition and real-time audio collection, timely sent to the command center, for the rear of judgment and decision making. To achieve this goal, tripod has been working hard.

▲Police site visit

        Used police drones power scenic area, police security work and police further purification on the order, the more rapid, efficient handling of tourism disputes important measures, which are both based on the transmission of development, and is the result of real innovation, shows the period after the "summit" scenic area public security work more accurate positioning, more rich connotation, more clear point, reveals the as, embodies the bear.

▲DF-L600A six-rotor uav

        In addition, ding six uav rotorcraft flying DF - L600 according to actual application scenario with GPS, real-time thermal imaging instrument of aerial reconnaissance, air, air data interceptor, aerial thrower, general air launcher, interference shielding instrument air, air to disperse the instrument, the air net emitter, aerial repeater, aerial searchlight, aerial electric megaphone, 4 g real-time transmission, such as equipment, to the west lake scenic area patrol search, environmental survey, stability, provides a flexible solution.

        According to ding flight aviation general manager wang manager, DF - L600 is a medium-sized multi-purpose unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), the fuselage structure are made of carbon fiber materials, including six arms adopt direct type quick release structure design, assembly change more quickly and easily. While maintaining a stable flight attitude, we can easily carry all kinds of specialized equipment to meet the different needs of various industries.

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